The Constant Comeback

Hi there!

Again, I am back on my blog after months of being logged off. I always tend to give up, get a mental block, or get lost in life to where I feel nothing I do is worth it. BUT that is the end of that. I have had it with giving up! Whether that be on myself, on my work, or on my hobbies. It is a routine that I – shamefully – fall into again, and again, and again.

But not anymore.

As I continue to work towards my Bachelors degree with both optimism and pessimism, I find myself looking forward to the future. The idea of my future terrifies me as I feel overwhelmed in answering the philosophical question: what do you want to do with the rest of your life? How does one answer such an outrageous question? Personally, I truly have no answer. I am living my life lost, in a daze, and simply taking it day-by-day. Life can get hard, but we need to pick ourselves up push through. (I tell myself this daily, whether or not I actually intend to listen to it is another story).

Pushing through obstacles is the key to achieving goals. How many times have we, have I, been told “when we fail we must try again”? Too many. Yet, too many times when I fail, I stay there. I have passions to write and make something of myself. Writing is a passion of mine that I have hardly put to use due to personal insecurities. Of all my hobbies I love writing the most and I need to dedicate my time to it. I have a craving inside my heart to better myself. Criticism is needed and wanted to perfect any type of skill and I am asking it for it personally.

Dear reader, if you have stumbled upon my page, please do leave a comment telling me both the bad and the good of my writing. I will take it to heart and better myself next time around. My end goal is to be somewhat of a professional writer and without you, I cannot succeed. I truly want my blog to be interactive if, or when, I ever get an audience that I can confide in, share stories with, and share my work with.

This is my search to find myself, to find my passion, to find a goal in this chaotic world. If I reach one individual’s heart out there, I hope I can make a real connection. It is the time in my life for growing while learning every step of the way. However cheesy this may sound, I do mean it. Whether this be a message to myself or an actual post many will read I do hope I have what it takes to push through.

Enough with the constant comebacks.

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