Life is short.

Life is short.

It is something that we hear and will continue to hear over and over again. Yet, we take it for granted nearly every time we hear it. The sang only reverberates within us when someone is taken from us, when something terrible happens to someone else, or when we are waiting for the worst to occur. Why do we live like this? It’s a very brutal way of living. We live day-by-day in a blur not fully recognizing our consciousness. That is, we will live our lives in ignorance that anything bad can happen.

“Live like it is your last day on earth”… No one actually does this and if you do, bless your free soul.

Now, I am in no way saying that I live my life to the fullest of my possibilities. I live my life as it comes towards me. However, life is too short to be angry, to hold grudges, and to not love your friends and family members. I was reminded of this today. The fact that I had to be reminded of this at all is telling me how true this is.

My day started attending a funeral where (as like any other) I saw family members that I actually only ever see at planned family events. No, these events are not always sad, sometimes it is a family reunion. However, my point is that no one truly goes out of their way to see each other for no particular reason. I am not free from this sin except that I try my hardest to change these factors. While life can get busy and everyone understands that, I think it is important to at least tell family and friends how much you care for them daily. We do not know when the last time we will speak to them will be.

Not knowing or forgetting to speak to family or friends on a daily basis is one thing, but purposely avoiding them is another thing entirely. Personally, I see this happen too much and it saddens me. It reminds me that life is simply too short to cut people out of your life because of political factors, envy, anger, or not seeing eye-to-eye. You simply never know just how much that is hurting the other person. Once it gets too much to handle, sometimes it just becomes the normalcy of every day life. That is just not how it should be. One day that person will be gone and there will be regret. So in return to these statements, I would say to do your best not to live life with any regret.

In choosing not to live a life of regret, there is very little now that you can do wrong to others. Live for other people because at the end of the day, that is all you have. Being selfish is human nature; it is survival. The only problem with this idea is that it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. We are not trying to survive in it’s most simplest terms. The majority of us that can choose to have family problems have created those exact issues. We live in some sort of luxury to be able to do so. Be that luxury a home over our heads, in the money that we have, in the job that we have secured that we have chosen to make our own drama. As humans, we get bored, that much is understandable. It is just so heart breaking to see families torn apart by their own ignorance in the matter.

In a perfect world everybody would sit down, hold hands, and sing Kum ba yah. It isn’t a perfect world and I think no less of a person if they do not get along with certain family members for whatever the reason. It would just be so heartening to see people move past these grudges that hold us apart. Family is our first line of defense in any situation, we shouldn’t fight among ourselves, but it happens. It is below me to knock anyone down for this because I have fought my own battles with friends and family. There just comes a day when we grow up and see life for what it truly is and what is could actually be.

Seeing life as an adventure, free of the hardships of every day drama is the way that I like to view it. The way I see it, we are all dealing with personal demons, work life, and stresses of the everyday. With everyone already dealing with these things, I feel I have no right to add anymore to that person’s shoulders. Like I have been told working in retail or call centers, “you have no idea what occurred prior to that person speaking to you”. These words mean so much to me now that I have grown in maturity and age. We have no idea if that person needs to vent to someone and we just happen to be that person’s punching bag. Yet, I have found that if we open our ears and actively listen, the end of that conversation is going to be a thankful one for simply listening.

These are thoughts that were stirred up today by the loss of another human being. There will be plenty more deaths and plenty more thoughts in my life; It just breaks my heart knowing people can pass away with unfinished business. I can only just sit here and hope that this never happens to me, you, or anyone out there. Life is simply just too short to be hateful towards the ones that are in our lives to love. We shouldn’t have to be reminded of this because of something horrible.

When love is an option, there is no other stronger power.


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