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Cheers to friendship 🍷

I have never been one to have a “big group” of friends. I never really thought that defined a person simply because, well, it doesn’t. In highschool, I had my large groups of acquaintances and beyond that I had my singular best friend. Do I have regrets? Nope. I had little to no drama during my high school years regarding friends.

After highschool, I still mainly stuck with my one best friend because she’s the real VIP. I could go to her for literally anything (I still can), we have been through so much together, and we can go without talking and pick up right where we left off. That is a friendship that is hard to find in this day in age. Now a days, social media and cell phones have taken over. If you own a cell phone, then people have this idea that you should be available to them at all times. Finding a friendship that is based outside of this is astonishing. Everyone thinks they are skilled F.B.I agents when what they really are – are stalkers. Which I have been, so no judgement from me. We’ve all been down that rabbit hole at some point in our lives.

It has been in my adult life that I have had time to reflect upon high school years, learn from them, and truly understand who I am as a person. I’ve been through so much in my – soon to be 25 years of life – that I truly never thought I would go through half of what I did. Again, I have no regrets. Live and learn, as they say. As adults, we learn that friends are not permanent. We learn that almost nothing is permanent. The feeling of acknowledging this isn’t great, but it is something that we come to accept as truth. With that knowledge, however, we learn to take things as they are handed to us. New jobs, new opportunities, and new friendships are all something we LOVE to receive.

In the last two years, I have received all of which I just stated. I have only recently gained the freedom of stability as of roughly seven months ago. However, it was two years ago that I started hanging out with a lovely bunch of people in which this is about. It started as my cousin’s best friend’s group of friends. Yeah, try to keep up.

So, I started tagging along with my cousin to go hang out with her best friend after a bad breakup – as one does. At this time, I was a shy, anxiety-ridden, shell of myself currently. That being said, this wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do. I didn’t know who I was back then, so stepping out of my comfort zone was hard, but it truly helped me develop as a person. Anyway, when we would go over to her best friend’s apartment there were usually at least 4 other people there. I remember walking in one day and meeting her friend’s Jo, Cameron, Gisele, and Garret all at one time. This was horrifying at the time. We would play card games – Card’s Against Humanity to Never Have I Ever. This turned into my “gaming friends”. We would usually have a game night at least once every week.

Our game night’s turned into Dungeon and Dragon’s which introduced more friends such as Jaci and her sister Kelli. Friends would sometimes bring more friends which later introduced Kamlyn. The thing that I am missing here is that this entire group of people were ARE the most the most awkward humans that I have ever met in my life; bless them. Was I one of them? You bet your ass. However, in retrospect, less than any of them. Like I said, I have a panic disorder. They have awkward social skills in which now, I love. HOWEVER, when I didn’t know them it was painfully awkward. So, our awkward little fellowship turned into weekly Dungeons and Dragons.


I hit an all time high-level of nerdiness in these trying times. I was already known for video games, fantasy books, and table-top games but DnD was a whole new level. It was addicting as all hell. Again, no regrets. Like I said, in high school I stuck with a miniscule friend group, so this was the largest group of friends I had ever experienced. It was the best time I’ve ever had though. We spent holidays together, I met most of their families, and we spent our waking hours being together. In the two years of new experiences with this group of people, I came to love every single one of them for their own individual personalities.

Helper (2018) [from left to right] Jason, Jaci, Jo, me, Andrew, Gisele, Cameron, DaNell, and Aubrey.
Over this last year is when I truly adopted my – I would say – three truest of friends. 2018 truly wasn’t a terrible year. There were definitely somethings in between the good that I would never want to relive, but overall, it was a pretty great year for me. Regarding the downs that I had, my new friends were always there having my back. Not only did they listen to my constant complaining, but they always gave me good advice that truly helped shape who I am today. Of course, within a large group of friends, things can’t always be peachy.

Drama happened… And it happened for a period of time. I’m not going to go into the details of what drama, with who, and why because it’s not my place. The only thing that needs to be said is the group basically went down to a remaining four people. The truest of pals. DaNell, Gisele, Cameron, and Aubrey. Is it sad? Sure. Does it suck not having those friends sometimes? Yeah. Do I have regrets? No. I will not have regrets for gaining the best group of friends I could have possibly ever received in this lifetime.


I love everything about her life philosophies. She is so optimistic for her friend’s successes even when she isn’t very optimistic for her own-self. She puts everyone before her, but she is wise enough to know what she needs and when she needs it. You can expect her to be the first one there in times of trouble. She has wonderful life advice, she is there whenever you need her, and on top of all of this – she is freaking hilarious.

Gisele&Kristen (2019)


She is the friend you didn’t know you needed. At first, she seems like the most shy person in the room. She is in fact, the opposite. She is amazingly smart. She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. If her friends are dealing with upsetting situations, she will do anything to be there and distract them with friendship. She is the life of the party in that she comes up with fun games to play, she will get you out of your comfort zone, and she is always there to let you know how amazing you are.

Kristen&DaNell (2018)


Cameron is the most down to earth person I have met in my life thus far. She tells it like it is and will tell you the truth in the hardest of situations. She is fun because she has layers you get to unfold throughout her friendship – like finding out she actually loves horror, she’s an amazing artist, and her music tastes are tight. She is the rock in this friend group and I would trust her with anything in my life. She is the friend you can confide in and know you are being listened to without judgement.

Cammie&Kristen Comic Con (2018)


She is my cousin, but more like my sister. I would count on her in any fight with life that I ever have had and ever will have. She has fought for me – be that in her words, but I know she would throw a punch for me if she had to. She always will keep you laughing even if you said you refused to laugh. She is a hot-redhead and a fiery one at that. She is loyal to anyone she considers family and I love her for that.

Aubrey&Kristen (2019)

I love each and every one of these people for completely different reasons. We are so different, but that is okay because love doesn’t happen in similarities. Love happens when differences come together to create something new.

There is so much I have to say about our friendships, our growth, our characters growing with one another; however, I will leave that for another day. I just want my friends to know how much I appreciate them in everything they do. They have supported me when I couldn’t support myself, they’ve been there through thick and thin, and they’ve never abandoned me when I’ve been at the lowest of lows. I look forward to so much more with them in the future. I know our friendship is everlasting.

To us. 🖤

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