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Interactive Post – Comment!

It is Mid-October and this is the time of the year where everyone is feeling a little bit off, lazier, and very unmotivated. At least, that is how it is for me. I swear, the weather changes and all my motivation goes out the window. So, that begs the question… What do we do? I know I need a pick-me-up in the week to get anything done AT ALL.

I am not perfect. I have things that I want to better myself at weekly. They change as I slowly soul search myself to find what I could be doing better. Things I could be targeting most of my energy. Places I am holding myself back in. It is always the stuff that you say in your head, “Why am I like this?” I have been noticing I have been doing that so much lately. I am truly looking for resolution to have that part of my brain stop.

One of my biggest peeves lately is that I have been so unmotivated at my job. I love my job, truly. However by the middle of the week I either don’t want to be there or I convince myself my time could be spent else where. Why? I seriously do not have any better place to be especially that would be paying me to be there. It is a joke that I do this to myself. I am unsure if this comes from anxiety, seasonal depression, or boredom? It definitely sucks because I am a good worker and it makes me look bad if I miss a day because I can’t get out of bed.

So, what do you guys do to get yourself through the day or even out of bed? Any advice? Leave some posts in the comments or tag me in your blogs! I would love to read up on motivation to push through anxiety, too! I find myself getting stuck in mental blocks. Despite my try to push past it, try new things, blog, write in my daily trackers, and treat myself better… I still am failing in a few aspects of my life. But of course, without failure we cannot grow. So I would like to learn from this!

With Fall passing up by and Winter coming up very fast, I do not want to get stuck in the rut of seasonal depression! It is a very common thing that happens to most everyone. At least, it tries to sneak up on the best of us! We got this though! Let’s help each other get through this with tips and goals that we can set to push through!

Whether that be having your comforting cup of coffee in the morning to push through or pep talking in the mirror, leave your comments below to help us (me especially) out!


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