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Single during the Holidays… It has its perks!

I have been away for way too long! I would love to say, “I’m back”, but if you’re familiar with this page, you know how terrible I am at consistency! Regardless, how have you guys been? I have been good, but busy! 2019 is almost over, so I did not want to leave the year without writing at least two more times!

The ending of 2019 has been truly wonderful. October was a wonderful month, I spent most of my time completing Inktober. It was a fantastic feeling to draw and express myself every single day. It definitely pushed me and my art which is something I have been slacking on. I will have a separate post to show my Inktober submissions, even if it two months late. Recently with my art, I have been completing a few animal commissions for people. Looking forward to doing much more!

October was a very long, memorable month. November, however, flew by and I nearly missed it. I had a low-key Thanksgiving with my family. I saw my cousins, my aunts and uncles, and my grandma. I could not have asked for more, it was good. It snowed almost the entire time, so Winter has arrived just in time. It is shocking that 2019 is ending in 30 days, but I welcome the new year! I look forward to change, development, and growth. Well, I wanted to do a quick update, but I really wanted to write about the Holidays and what it means to be single during these months.

It can be truly lonely being “alone” during the holiday months, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I say “alone”, I do mean being single – or not have a significant other. I know this feeling. In fact, me and this feeling are basically in a relationship with one another, ha-ha. However, it is not the end of the world. It is truly hard to simply stop feeling lonely or feeling bad for yourself. With social media at every glance, it is hard not to compare our lives to the lives to others. Just remember that everyone on social media puts their best face’s forward. It is not what is truly happening in their lives. Everyone going through their own plights. We simply never truly know what is truly happening in the lives of others, so DO NOT compare your selves!

In fact, being lonely during the holiday seasons can actually be beneficial! How? I can hear you asking. Well, the feeling of loneliness is terrible, but we can always turn that negative emotion into positive outcomes!


You’ll have more in your pocket only having to think up gifts for friends and family members. It is still a very nice thing to do to remind everyone how much they mean to you! You can always save for husbands and kids down the line, but hey, time to buy amazing gifts for the friends and family!

Extra for yourself:

Beyond savings, you will not only have more money for yourself, but also more time to do what you want to do. Holidays can be an extremely stressful time. Traveling back and forth between families, usually working around at least two separate families’ plans, and even working around friends it can feel very overwhelming! However, being single, you only have to worry about planning with your friends and working with your own families. Therefore, more time for family activities and parties!

Getting to know yourself:

Everyone loves the holidays, but what most people slide under the rug is the stress, heartache, and down right misery these holidays can bring to some people. Christmas time is not a joyful time for everyone, it is not exclusive. Some have lost people around this time of year, others it is the first year without someone important, and a good majority have no where to go around these special times. Being single does not mean that you cannot enjoy this season, in fact, it gives more opportunity to look outward and help others in need. It is a special time to reflect inwards and look outwards at what our communities are doing as well.

Spreading Christmas joy:

Since you have more time for yourselves, that means you can open your schedule for more time for others! Socializing, getting out, and meeting new people can really help everyone set the mood for Christmas! Spread the season’s joy wherever you go to whomever you may meet! If people need a friend, a place to go, or a nice meal to eat it is a nice thing to be able to show these people gratefulness and gratitude. It will definitely make yourself feel great and karma remembers good deeds!

Treating yo’ self:

The number one reason to enjoy being single while it lasts, TREAT YOURSELF. No one is here to tell you, “you don’t need that” because guess what? You do. As long as you are not putting yourself in financial debt, then what is a little spoilage for yourself once in awhile? Treat yourself while those holiday sales, Black Friday, and Cyber-Monday are happening! Because why not? Buy it, wrap it, and say it is from Santa Claus because you deserve it!

See? Being single around the holidays is a stroll in the grass. It doesn’t have to be all bad! While I know that it does get lonely, especially on those cold, dark nights but try your best to stay positive! Love cannot be forced and we all know that it never shows it’s face if we are looking! Let yourself feel things both good and bad. It is after all what makes us human.

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope it is a magical, fun time! If you are going through a hard time, please reach out to a loved one or even a stranger! I know for one, I never let people go through it on their own if they need a hand! That is what the holidays are about anyway – Love one another and spread happiness as much as you can!


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