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Inktober 2019 – My Art

I said I would make a post of all my October drawings! Better late than never. Here are my 31 days of Halloween, plus some!

Prompt: Planchette
Prompt: Planchette (I did two)
Prompt: Creepy doll
Prompt: Coffin
Prompt: Book of the dead
Prompt: Bloody bathtub
Prompt: Teeth
Prompt: Demon
Prompt: Squid/Coffee
Prompt: Graveyard
Prompt: Old Medicine
Prompt: Ghost animal
Prompt: Brewing
Prompt: Hell hound
Prompt: Well
Prompt: Mask
Prompt: Old lamp
Prompt: Plague doctor
Prompt: Bloody weapons
Prompt: Steampunk scarecrow
Prompt: Eyeball
Prompt: Samara
Prompt: Monster under bed
Prompt: Creature
Prompt: Broomstick
Prompt: The Babadook

That is it for Inktober! I hope you all had just as good of a time looking at all of them as I did making them. I actually had a blast during the month of October. Not only was I motivated, but I had a daily task with my art. I need to do something like this again because it is so easy to slack off! However, again, I hope you enjoyed! Here are some commissions I have done recently to top this list off!

Commission: Did this for someone’s ghost hunting group logo
First watercolor dog commission
Most recent commission: Watercolor


3 thoughts on “Inktober 2019 – My Art

      1. My absolute pleasure!!

        Saw your Freddy claw pic…pop up in my feed…and…thought I would have a peruse and gander!

        Glad I did!

        I love how you can tell you’ve added your own personality into the pics.

        To an artist…no matter their craft…it’s an extension of themselves.

        I genuinely appreciate not only the time and the effort it’s taken to draw these…but…the time it’s taken to write and include them in a post.

        Ya got a great mind my friend.

        Keep doing you…never stop…and I wish you nothing but prosperity and success.

        What a day to be alive ✌️❤️


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