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2019 Recap!

Well we are winding down! Nine days and we say goodbye to 2019. I have to say, I am so ready to bring in the new year. 2019 was exhausting. I know that new years do not mean everything will be good, it is not really a restart, but it is what you make of the year! I am so ready to add my new found optimism, motivation to work hard, and power I have found within myself to 2020.

So to do that I only feel it necessary to recap 2019. Thanks for coming on this ride with me!

First photo in 2019
Still was a chicken farmer!
Of course, every non-working moment I spent with my baby.
I found an unlikely group of friends!
These friend took me out of my comfort zone!

We went to the Ice Castles!

While everything was going so great, we lost a very important member of our family. Buddy Mills is forever missed and forever loved. This was the hardest part of my entire year, losing you. I am so glad that you are able to be in a better place now. Much love forever, Buddy.

I got my “positive mental attitude” Jacksepticeye tattoo!
I took my favorite photo of my dog and I.
I picked up cross stitching… It did not last, but I did it!
There was endless play with the dogs. I took my favorite picture of Yuki,
Insert another dog photo here because dogs.

I got my old tattoos touched up to new again!

Taking care of my mental health in February was the hardest thing.

I started doing Bob Ross paintings!

I attempted my one and ONLY oil painting.
This little bean went in for her hip surgery for her his dyspepsia!
It was rough, mom.
Slowly becoming myself today, December 2019.

Went on some dope hikes. I live in Utah.

Took another favorite of my Yuki!
Still hung out with my besties. Museum Helper UT.
Quite possible the best photo of my dog and I that exists.

Oh, I painted.

Again, was out of my comfort zone and met new people.
I let my friend rent a room in my home for the first time.
Painted this gem for my cousin.
Had shots with my cousin for the first time ever!
Still had chickens.
I painted my dog!

More selfies and more dogs!

I got my first Gato in my new house.
Attended some weddings!
Painted my favorite watercolor piece!
Painted my first ever commission!
I was dealing with struggles regarding my mental health.
Thank god for good friends.

I read fantastic books this year!

Went to new places with great friends!

Hung out with the most important people in my life!

Celebrated fourth dog birthday!! Eevee, the border collie’s birthday in July!
Got a wheelchair for my baby goat!

Turned 25 and enjoyed another year at Salt Lake FanX!

I met a cat that doesn’t like me, so I bothered him (;

My creativity peaked in October!

Participated in my first art booth! Did really well!
Purchased my dream computer!
Dressed up the puppies.
Hung out with my favorite family!!
Cosplayed Harry Potter for a work party!
Had a scare with my little Stubbs, so regular vet visits happened which was good!
Colorado visits to see my best friend!
More goat time.
Commission for October!
Halloween brought selfies with my dad.
Got my favorite, new tattoo to cover my cyst scar in November!
Finished first pet commission!

More animal commissions and drawings!

Filled stockings and took holiday photos!

Played with Jeffree Star makeup!
Got new glasses at the end of the year!
Work ugly Christmas sweater party!

Lastly, Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and any other holiday or day you celebrate even if it just a normal week! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog at all this year! I hope to see more people and everyone back for another one next month! I wish everyone a beautiful, happy new year!


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