Quarter of a century!

Well, we made it. Today is my 25th birthday. To be honest, it does feel a little surreal to think about all the time that has passed so quickly. It makes me reflect back on my life and think about all the things I have accomplished. I am not one to sit in the past…Read more Quarter of a century!

What’s never been said.

I have avoided this topic for a very long time. It has just became more relevant in my life that I think it is a good time to get it out there. May I introduce to you, my relationship insecurities! Why address them? Mostly because I have to unravel things that are jumbled up in…Read more What’s never been said.


Yikes. Guess who thought they were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but turns out they went deeper past that initial light into more darkness? Yeah, it's me. I am having an incredibly hard time understanding my thoughts, understanding how tired I am, and understanding that I have no motivation lately. I'm…Read more Dealing.

Coming to terms: Thoughts

We all have our truths. What we know to be true from our own perspectives. Regardless if those truths aren't factually true, they are true to us and that is what matters. These truths arise from anything really. From made up stories, extensions of what really took place, and even conversations that never happened. It…Read more Coming to terms: Thoughts

Feelings: #thefeels

I've spoken about anxiety, friendships, my adventures, hobbies all on this blog before mainly because it is a wonderful outlet. Lately, however, I have had so much on my mind that has made me feel quite lonely. Even though there may not be truth in that. I am in no way saying that my friends…Read more Feelings: #thefeels